Eevee community day suggestions


Drop suggestions for E-days.

I suggest Niantic allows name evolutions during E-days. So every Eevee you name to its corresponding eevelution can and will 100% transform it to its right evolution for multiple Eevee.

want 5 jolteon? name it the correct name and can get the right Evolution.

  • Let names evolve to right evolution
  • Let it be random
  • Only 1 name change per day

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1 name per evolution


1 name for the the day? so ultimately 2 ?

or just 1 for both


ultimately 10


Best IV gets a evo


I just don’t want to get the 8 shinies I need for all evolutions and get 5 Flareon.

They should’ve introduced the evolution stones (Water Stone, Thunder Stone and Fire Stone) early in the game IMO.


Wish could do name trick evolution infinite times but only within CD day hours.


Honestly I could go either way, just once per day, or as many timer per day, doesn’t really matter to me.


i’m stocking up on eevee, and its crazy to me some will be random and not what i want to evolve to. Hope Niantic does the name suggestion.


If there isn’t one name per evolution then I would assume Niantic is being to nice.




What is good about the move last resort on eevee? If evolve, most likely it won’t keep such move. Maybe it will dictate its evolution in future?


I don’t know how good last resort will be but i do like how shiny Eevee looks


Ya it’s dope.


I’m thinking that we all evolve eevee, why is the move given only to eevee since it cannot kept after evolve? Why would they do that? I will keep some eevee with such move Un-evolved for future


They don’t wanna add that many “exclusive” moves to the game, otherwise they wouldn’t be so exclusive.


The exclusive move is ‘Last Resort’.


Should we battle using eevee with such CD day move?


Nooo lol.


Yup, something suspicious about the move here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: