Drop your current defenders


I see, for each of those Vaporeon and Exeggutor, you get 500XP and 2 candies out of it.



This is one of the rare mornings where I wake up and still have 10 monsters in gyms. It’s usually anywhere from 2-5.


Got 9 left at 9:30 PM. How many will survive until midnight?


Only 2 back from last night.
Only concerned about holding 3 of them. That one very close to going Gold and the 2 with Meltan in them so I can Berry for Candy. One mine, one that someone else put in.


After I dropped kids off at school…


This is all that remains after I didn’t do any Gym’s last night.


@NotanotherKangaskhan, I would have to assume those Aerodactyl are from lets go quest


Correct. I got so many of them.


I have many Armando and Scyther to put them at gyms


I’m surprised I still have 7 this morning.


Only had 4 remaining this morning, so I went out and took a few more.


This is what it looks like now before I go out and reclaim a few I’m working on.



@Mew1 @NotanotherKangaskhan no yout attacker can’t see your pokemon name.
I tried it with my sister in july and she just saw blissey, not blisseater


Forgot to put the after up when I got home.


Thank you @Pokemon, the attacker would just see the default Pokémon name, not the one the owner changes. Only the owner sees the edited name.


I already got 2 knocked out since I got home from work.


Have those Drats been Traded already? @bobbyjack8
I’ve kept all Dratini bigger than 600cp on the other family member accts for Trading between them. Same for Beldum & Larvitar > 700cp. I go lower cp if they they 80-90% IV and I already have better for the small window it could go 100%.


I’m not so sure. I will do some field testing myself as only a couple of Months ago my first Gold Gym that’s in a spot only 5min from home in the middle of no where hardly gets touched. From time to time I go back to it on the way to somewhere else and will take it back.
One day someone I really don’t like from another colour was in it.
He had a big Blissey in there and I saw the name w8urtime. I’m sure it was the Blissey re-named as I saw who the Trainer name was which made me stop to knock it down.
The bit I’m sure about is at what part I could see that name. Clicking on it in the Gym or the intro to the battle?
I will test this. Just need a mate to re-name something then go hit it.