Drop your current defenders


Had 11 gyms when I got up this morning. Had 20 when I got to work. Had 8 when I left work. Lost 3 more on my drive home. Got them back and then some and finished with 17.


Nobody posted in here for a while, so I’ll keep it going…


I guess this thread is dead?


By the time I get home after doing my Gym runs and clean the collection of all the junk the Go Plus caught I just want to go to bed. By the time I get up I’ve lost half to 3/4 of them so I don’t worry about it.


I work 12 hour shifts, so I go into work with 20, but leave only with 4-7 gyms each night. I get 4-5 back on the way home though.



Currently I have no defenders. But I prepared 22 800cp plus Pokemon to use as disposables. Just for gyms I use for coins.


The last time I didn’t have any gym defenders was my last 2 days of vacation in Jamaica. There were no gyms on the resort, but right before I left, I got 20 gyms at home. 5 days before the last one went down. Got coins everyday except for last 2 days.


Had 5 days with long days. So I didn’t had much time to walk and concur. But 4 days in a row I did hit 50. Only not today. Just 49.


My vacation is why I have off number of coins available.


2 Slowking
3 Blissey
1 executor



I never have 17 gyms after 9. This should end good for me.


I had 3 but one lasted a minute
LA has too much turnover


You can have max of 20. That is my goal before I go into work. On my days off, I just go with flow.


I put my mons in max 20 gyms today, there are 10 left by now


im at 1259 coins


This might be first time ever I woke up and still had 15 gyms.