Does anyone play Ingress?


I do.

I know this is not Pokémon related,but i just wanted to know if anyone plays Ingress.




I used to for a couple years.


Maybe Ingress isn’t Pokemon related; but wouldn’t it be fair to call Ingress intimately related to Pokemon Go?


way too intimately, in my opinion…


I play ingress, but only to submit new portals and gain new stops and gyms. Just hack once a day and that’s it.


What’s ingress


I do… not very often though.
My dad wants us to be able to suggest portals because they will sometimes become Pokéstops.


I tried that because I was told at a certain (not very high) level you can submit a request for portals which turn into Pokestops but I never could figure it out, that game is so different than anything I’ve played!


A game where you submit portals and portals become stops and gyms in pogo


Ok thanks


It’s a multi-player team-based game by Niantic where teams competed to establish territory and defend it. The network of locations that helped define territories roughly corresponded with the initial set of pokestops (and gyms?) for PoGo, whose initial development team included several who developed and continue to maintain / extend Ingress.

I know virtually nothing else about it, and only know that much because I downloaded it in 2016 to check its map for clues where to find more pokestops. Consult wikipedia and/or google if you are interested in more about it.