Does anyone here play Pokémon Quest?


What’s your team total power?


Nah, I know graphics don’t make the game, but these blocky characters fad indie games started really don’t appeal to me.

I do think about getting into Pokémon Duel, though.


My team total power is like 4500 lol.


I’m trying to get Lapras but there’s a 4.5% chance…




Are you on the Chamber of Legends yet?


Not yet. Still beating the last few bosses before that


Im still on like the 6th world…:joy::sweat_smile:


So you’re on Belly Button Cave (That’s a pretty funny name for a zone…)


Nope I am on like 2 others along with it… Thats how the game goes :joy:


Pincushion Plain and Parched Peak are the other 2 ones


The game likes worlds that start with PP I guess.


I didn’t even notice that lol


I just beat the chamber of legends and beat 12-1 also ( 12-1 is part of happenstance island)


Whoa that’s impressive, im in your dust. My team is kangashkan, Porygon, and Charizard :fire:


Well at least you have Charizard


What is your team.



Lol, should I use my really strong level 14 scyther to try to level him up and try to level up my abra? Is your Kadabra any good?


It’s alakazam, and it has shadow ball so its useful against mewtwo in the chamber of legends. Also it be better to cook up another abra with 3 apricorns and 2 bluk berries