Does anyone find the Special Research Tasks boring too?


Of course it’s dark here now, so can’t evolve Eevee until tomorrow


I’m dying to hatch 9 eggs, since I don’t buy incubators. Got myself working with the infinite and the super awarded from the previous quest. And guess what: my luck for 10K just came back. 9/9 10K eggs. At this time, it’s a nightmare.


I did it after only buying 1 incubator. Used the free Super and infinite incubators. The kicker was when quest requirement was announced, I only had 7km eggs in my egg space. So I had to do 9 of those.


Is there a way to just get just 10km eggs if you don’t normally hatch them? I normally get stuck with a bunch of 5s and 2s if I just use infinite.


Would be awesome, but no, there isn’t…


If you live completely remote, you could take an old smartphone, make a new Google acount on your wifi, create another Pokemon Go account and trade with your 2nd Smartphone!