Do you think about retirement?


Any of you guys wonder about retirement from PoGo? When?
I really love Gen IV, so I’ll definitely stick around until I complete it’s Dex.

Gen V and VI got some cool looking Pokemon, but sometimes I feel really tired from checking the same stuff all over again because of shinies… or seeing the same Pokemon being released with better movesets. Can’t say I have the willpower for 3+ years of that.


I always think about retirement because I get complaints from friends/family complains.


They say I am ADDICTED, like really.


Let your family Play Pokemon with you. For example, my parents, my brother, teo of my grandparents, my nephew and my aunt Play it.


As long as raids have a meta relevant Pokemon and I have things to do in the game, I will continue playing


If PVP is not a Turn Based Battle System then I most likely will Retire from Pokémon Go.


Turn based system in a tap and swipe game?


If Niantic doesn’t change Battle Systems then I might consider Retirement.


I personally like the casual aproach, if I would want tutn based system I would either go massacre NPCs in the Battle Tree or lose to strangers on the Battle Spot


I just can’t play on a daily basis so I might retire soon.


It will be a temp retirement until March more than likely


Funnily enough, I got my dad into it, but he doesn’t play as much.


If I retired, then I’d have more time to play Pokemon Go.


I will always play until I lose my account



To all the people that feel like stopping, November will be great.


On school everyone says that to me :cry:


I dont know…
its all spontaneous for me!!


I’ve always said when i hit level 38 i’ll take a long break from playing, so that’s there i guess


what level are you now??


I’m 37 rn, but still 2 million XP from levelling up. It will be a few months at least