Do you invest on Legendaries even with the chance of them getting better event moves?


Whats mewtwo signature move


Psystrike, an insanely strong move :grin:


just googled it. Is it fast or charge?

Ugh…idk why they dont give us better options at moves.

Starting to want multiple quick and charge moves.


Charge, 3 bar 90 damage.


I want.


it’s a Gen V move tho…no wonder i never heard of it. I never used Mewtwo in those gen.


Never got Mewtwo in any game, couldnt beat blue, and others he was not in.


Blue was dificult, especially the fact he was a surprise boss. Yellow version aka to me was 2nd best pokemon game. Having gen2 being the best. Other gens are just pokemon to me…even the fact you play gen1 basically again in gen2 means so much.


I would invest in so many charge tm on Mewtwo for that move, if it is better than focus blast.


Of course it is, outrage curently is the highest damge move with 220 damage and this is 270, three bar!


Nope… I just had no idea what to do like halfway through and couldnt find a way into the next town.


Beast mode. But probably not as good as focus blast on blissy and tyranitar.


Focus blast is that good? It only does 140 damage :sweat_smile::laughing:


Best Mewtwo move at the moment and if anyone says other wise they are a liar.

I battle nonstop blissy tyranitars and basically all the heavy hitters at defending.

Focus blast makes food out of all.

I dislike confusion it does NOTHINGg.


Boy, Blue was an easy boss,just look at his Rhydon’s moveset
Tbh Lance and his Hyper Beam spam.was a lot worse

As for Psystrike, its the best move used to beat up Blissey in the main games, and Im quite sure that if it really will be 3 bar 90BP once it gets released, it will outclass Focus Blast at killing Blissey

TTar still takes bigger damage from Focus Blast tho


ill have to swap it, if it is true it will take out Blissy easily.

This is when multiple moves would be so great. Psystrike + Focus blast = ggBlissy gg Tyranitar


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