Do you have Mewtwo?


Srry if i placed this on the wrong category.
(If u are no rural but also no urban choose urban)

  • I have Mewtwo and i am a rural
  • I have more Mewtwo and i am a rural
  • I dont have Mewtwo and am a rural
  • I have Mewtwo and i am an urban
  • I have more Mewtwo and i am an urban
  • I dont Mewtwo and i am an urban

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I have 6, one more fled, one more was deleted, and I will get one this Monday
So 9 passes in total
And I live in a semi-urban area, not rural at all but not really NYC-like either


Then u should choose urban


I have one Mewtwo, I live in a rural area but travel to the city for work Mon-Fri.


I live in a city but here it’s like you’re a rural. Only one place is good but that’s a kilometer away (in the same city though).

What shall I choose: Rural or urban?


How many stops and gyms?


I don’t really know.


Rural, but I’m lucky my town is a medieval tourist trap. So town center has 3 gyms, another 4 gyms around it at walking distance, and then about 5 more gyms a good hike (or short bike) away. Less touristic towns of comparable size in the region generally have only 3-5 gyms total. Plenty spots in gyms for the ~20 active players around here during winter. Not enough during summer when we get swamped by tourists.

We didn’t manage to trigger Mewtwo yet. Those who desperately wanted him, already got him from a big city nearby, where they do 3-4 succesful triggers each rotation. I’m personally not too bothered about it. It’s just a Mew clone, and I tend to prefer originals over copies. But, maybe we’ll get lucky this summer, and get some support from a large group of tourists.


Haven’t gotten an EX-Raid pass yet because I don’t raid very often and when I do, they are at the wrong places.


Dam beat me by 3 haha.


I am semi urban, what do i put?




Urban; 11 right now, possibly 12 on Sunday


I have 4 and another EX raid Sunday. We had one raid in my hometown. Pop. 15,000. Then started going to a larger town an hour away on weekends and have gotten the rest in this town of 150,000…Edit. I have 5 now with another coming May 21st. Except last September’s all have been at 1 of 2 gyms side by side.


Me too.


All the people I raid with post screen shots of their EX-Raid passes on Discord. Not once have a seen a posted pass from a place I’ve raided at so I don’t feel cheated or anything. I’m sure one day, I’ll get one when they pick one of the places I raid at. So until then, I’ll be happy for them and their multiple Mewtwos.