Do we a have shiny Latios for Aron or Swablu?


I got 1 within my first 3 or 4 encounters and nothing since.


Still waiting on either of these two for my shiny as I’m catching near every one I see… (don’t have Sabley, Snorunt, Absol, Shuppet or Poochyena either). I did however catch a shiny Aron for my gf (less than 300 caught)


My shines are Swablu after 441 catches #442 was shiny, and Absol after 3 raids #4 was shiny.
I don’t count the community day ones.


2 Shiny swablu
The rest Fromm community days
Dratini and Bublasuar


I have seen:
147 Bulbasaur, 4 shinies (all during it’s Community Day event)
378 Pikachu, 3 shinies (all during it’s Community Day event)
121 Magikarp, 0 shinies
5 Magmar, 0 shinies
181 Dratini, 11 shinies (all during it’s Community Day event)
11 Pichu, 0 shinies
11 Togepi, 0 shinies
289 Murkrow, 0 shinies
8 Wobbuffet, 0 shinies
9 Magby, 0 shinies
36 Lugia, 3 shinies
192 Poochyena, 0 shinies
10 Mawile, 0 shinies
38 Sableye, 0 shinies
132 Aron, 0 shinies
189 Swablu, 1 shinies
576 Shuppet, 0 shinies (this one bums me out big time)
106 Duskull, 0 shinies
10 Absol, 0 shines
123 Snorunt, 0 shinies
152 Luvdisc, 2 shinies (all during the Valentines Day event)
6 Wynaut, 0 shinies

P.S. updated to list to include the latest ones as well


The only not-CD boosted shiny I have is my only Wynaut…:grinning:





Thanks to all those who have contributed so far.
Just a quick suggestion that we refrain from simply posting pictures of the shinies we have because the ratios of mons caught vs shinies caught (like @OldOcean’s post above) are much more useful for researchers.


Now up to 639 swablu and no shiny…I’m cursed


I’ve caught 241 swablu all time not event and got none


Im one shiny in 1200 swablu sightings and one shiny from 255 Aron sightings.
As a point of reference it took me over 1100 magikarp to get a shiny.


I’m up to 257 Swablu with no Shiny yet. I’ve seen some of your numbers and I don’t feel so bad.


lel with my 36 or something aron and 1 shiny


Arons can be shiny? Cool. (obviously I’ve neither seen nor caught one yet, after nearly 200 arons caught) No shiny swablus, either, after over 300 caught.

I think if more shinies had any virtues for gym or raid use I might care. But as it is, shinies are mostly a vain novelty.