Do we a have shiny Latios for Aron or Swablu?


I have caught alot of both and cant seem to find either shiny…is there an average?


I got my shiny Aron after (roughly) 260 catches, and still don’t have a shiny Swablu (after 75-80 catches)


I hear for swablu its about 1% and someone i saw showed me thier shiny swablu but ive caught about 80 with no shiny


I have caught
62 aron
6 swablu
30 shuppet
30 duskull
12 sableye

No shiny


354 aron
163 sableye - 1 shiny
62 swablu
164 shuppet
416 duskull - 1 shiny
2926 magikarp - 1 shiny (sad but true)
390 pikachu - 5 shiny (bc of the event)
14 absol
21 mawile


Pikachu - 106 - 1 shiny
Magikarp - 297
Sableye - 21
Aron - 24
Swablu - 46
Shuppet - 67
Duskull - 75
Snorunt - 35

As you can see, shiny Pokemon aren’t a fan of me


I can’t fully confirm but what is said the ratios for all currently should be 1/4068 or something like that, if there isn’t events going around.


Well it could be 1/100


Not sure, but I think I heard odds for shinies outside raids is around 1/212 with increased chance on raid bosses


After this past weekend’s EX Raid, I was waiting around while the last group was battling Mewtwo. An Aron spawned and I clicked on it, shiny! I caught it and checked it’s IV’s, 92% with Attack 15, not bad! And I’ve only caught 51 of them, so that was some pretty good luck. While I was there, a boy asked me if that Aron would be shiny for everyone. I told him, no, that it was random. He clicked on it, and it was a shiny too! I wonder what the odds of two shinies on the same Pokemon within minutes are?


Caught 50 some Swablu on fri/sat/sun.
Got 1 shiny Swablu.
Brother caught shiny pika after about 100 pika


184 swablu and no shiny
71 snorunt and no shiny
248 duskull and no shiny
149 shuppet and no shiny
83 sableye and no shiny

That’s 0/735

0/7 on mawile
0/5 on absol

That’s 0/12

I have no shiny pikachu because I couldn’t play the event
I have three shiny magicarp…two of which have become gyrados

I don’t think we should include magicarp and pikachu in the data because they were available in the game without shiny forms for a long time, so impossible to know how many encounters even could have been shiny


I think the word you’re looking for is rAnD0M… The system randomly generates shiny mons so you can calculate the stats all you want but there will always be exceptions to the rule (that one trainer that got a shiny on the first mon they clicked on or that grinder who still hasn’t got one yet - sorry @HeracrossVille).
There is no point being upset if you haven’t got one or complaining if you don’t have one with good IVs (i say this because I was pushing for my gf to get one but I got my 2nd shiny in front of her before she even got one).
R Ä Ñ D Õ M…


I guess I should add 0/20 on luvdisc so far today


I have caught

154 Swablu-3 shinies
2345 Magikarp-43 Shinies
293 Pikachu-2 shiny
432 Aron-1 Shiny(VERY SAD)


I have caught 37 swablu, no shiny yet


Shiny suppose to be the rarest of rare mon. Just keep searching. I must of caught 1000+ aaron n still nothing.


Caught / Shiny:

Magikarp - 108 / 1

Sableye - 26 / 0

Aron - 133 / 0

Swablu - 133 / 1

Shuppet - 174 / 1

Duskull - 131 / 0

Snorunt - 37 / 0

Dratini - 211 / 10 (com. day)


36 aron 1 shiny