Do people like spoofers or nah?


I seen a lot people talking trash to spoofers lol what’s wrong with spoofers ?


Spoofers can make getting your coins hell as they can often knock you out of a gym before you can get any coins.

The only time I’m happy to have spoofers around is when I need help at raids.


Do you like cheaters?


it is cheating and it will destroy this game


Spoofers are ok as long as they don’t over abuse it with gyms and are respectful of legit players.


It’s still cheating. I waste my time to go to each place in person to play the game like I’m supposed to. Should it not be an issue for me if someone does that from thier parents’ basement couch?


Urgh here we go again.
Every few months a thread like this pops up…


The spoofers don’t really bother me because I take down enough gyms everyday to get my 50 coins. My Instinct neighbors still call me a bully. But at least I physically go to each place and do what must be done. In person. Not from my couch. This thread will keep coming up each month as long as people are cheating.


The real question should be.

Have spoofers affected your gameplay and how( other than Gyms)

I made these topics before. I already have the answer. :smiling_imp:


if you spoofed i bet no one would complaine to you, since they would never meet you. :eyes:

i just found the loop hole

and with that i am going back to lurking other topics


Yeah, I can’t complain about the spoofers that affect me personally. I just move on to the next gym.


Some people aren’t able to walk, etc disabled people.


Then they need to get a 3DS and play the real game then.


I personally like spoofers they held with raids and I personally know people who are spoofers they cool tbh I have a friend that trades me his shinies like nothing


they take away extra balls that my team and i could get
80% of red and blues spoof everywhere here

thats giving me a lower % chance to catch the raid boss


so your yellow?


I very much doubt 80% of red and blue players spoof, but I have no data to back that up. Personally I have ran into very few spoofers while out fighting gyms.


was implied it was my area i played in

never accused all of them


I’m my area it’s seems to be evenly split amongst the teams. Only time you’ll hear me complain a storm up about it is when I don’t get my coins


I actually accused someone of being a Spoofer on my Discord because they kept knocking me out of a gym 30 seconds after I took it. Never posted until it happened multiple times. Turns out they lived next to that gym and would just knock out whoever took it. Then I advised the rest of my Discord not to bother with that gym. I guess those players quit because I haven’t seen those players in a long while and I hold that gym much longer than I used to.