Do not set your clock ahead to advance in the Celebi Quest! (Glitch)


Hi all, if you try to change the timezone on your phone to move forward in the Celebi Quest, it will glitch your progress and reset you to one.
Please learn from my mistake!!!


I’ve never tried doing anything like that and definitely wont now! It must work for some though because some people have already had Celebi for a few days which would be impossible with the tasks where you have to do things so many days in a row.


thank you for the heads up. will not try this for the spin 7 pokestops quest in the future.


I didnt set my time forward and it is broken anyways.


:joy: I didn’t think of that…


Why would people mess with thier time zone for this quest?


The must have it now generation that cant wait a few extra days to catch something that has no use in the game.


i caught mine yesterday, and a fellow player caught it the day before. It took me 2 days to do the evolve quests and him just one. No cheats, just time invested/
How is this impossible then?

My full timetable on the quest:

  • day 1: raid and make friends, get to quest 2 and catch first pokemon
  • day 2: second catch for quest 2, prep 9 eggs
  • day 3: catch last pokemon, get to quest 3, hatch all 9 eggs, get to quest 4, walk eevee
  • day 4 walk eevee bit more, evolve espeon, get quest 5, walk another eevee, evolve umbreon (this is where my friend gained on me and did both evolves and the 9 eggs on day 3). get to quest 6, spin first stop
  • day 5 to 9, spin stops 2 to 6
  • day 10, spin 7th stop, get quest 7, catch some grass/psychics, , get to quest 8 and catch the bugger (very frustrating to catch him).
  • Done!


I’m sure I read on here about someone who had it in less than a week which was impossible given the catch a Pokémon 3 days in a row and spinning the pokéstops so many days in a row, but maybe it was on my local raiding groups Facebook page then, there was a bit of a to do about it because the person had clearly changed time zones and some were saying he was a cheat and others said it didn’t matter as didn’t affect anyone else etc


I agree that getting Celibi faster then 9 days = some sort of cheating.
The timing of your post however made it look like any Celibi caught until then should be impossible, which it isn’t. they’re already being caught legit for 2 days.


I agree too that it is cheating


or did you??? Illuminati Confirmed!!!:joy:


I’m on day 2 of spinning discs to advance this quest. I have no problem going five more days of something I would do everyday anyway to complete it.