[Discussion] How do you decide what Pokémons you're keeping?


I mainly keep those pkmn’s who’re really rare or have high CP


May I ask why you keep all of your 0% IV mons?


That’s a lot of vaporeons to keep. They’re useful, but not as much as they used to be. I would start culling them

I keep my 0% mons as well…I think they’re funny because they’re so bad


More for their uniqueness. The chance of getting a 0% is a lot harder than getting a 100%.


I just can’t seem to bring myself to delete them, stupid i know.


TBH, I just keep something if I like it or believe it has some purpose. A 98IV snorlax? That can stay. A 0IV 10cp Pidgey? That as well.


I bit the bullet the other day and culled a heap of Vaporeons. Back to 12 now.
Also smashed some eggs too.
Got the bag back to 790-800 :grin:

  1. IV - Usually I keep Pokémon from 70% and above. Usually when I get a hold on a Pokémon with a higher IV then my previous one, I keep that one and transfer the older (not always though).
  2. CP - If i catch a Pokémon with a high CP I keep it even if its IV is low.
  3. Rarity - If I catch a rare Pokémon I can keep it with less thoughts of IV (including special event Pokémon).
  4. General liking - If there is a Pokémon I just like I can keep it even if its IV stat is low.