Discuss about how many friends one has to introduce


Can you see who got a gift and who did get one or do you have to remember that your self?


Yeah, it’s possible to see I believe, but you have to tap on each friend to see.

This means you already sent a gift to that Trainer today, whilst
this means your friend still has an unopened gift.


A thanks :slight_smile:


As long as you keep 1 gift in your queue, you will be able to see using the above method. I normally do that because I set one aside for my son if we don’t raid or do gym battles together that day.


I’d say 15 friends is a good amount for anyone!


Sentret is probably related to a rabit, bunnelby to! You can look up bunndlby in your sons essential handbook


My son has a stuffed bunnelby, but my dog hasn’t tried to kill it yet.



Please stay on topic now, or I’ll close it.


@bobbyjack8 how many friends do you have now?


Still 200.