Discuss about how many friends one has to introduce


Couple of words added when posting Friends codes can solve some potential drama.
“No Obligations”

I’ve spun Gifts from the same stop on the same day lots of times. It often spits them out consecutive and some times it doesn’t. Normally with 2-3 spins it spits one out again.


No struggle, everythings OK. Thanks for your concern! :smiley: :smile:


How many spins should it take to find one lousy gift to send to a ‘friend’? I have accepted only 43 friends, and still 35 more gifts to send today, and at the rate I’ve seen (since I started paying attention last week), it’ll probably take me 70 to 105 more pokestop spins (on average 2 or 3 spins per-gift).

Can we please have a feature where in a pinch we can assemble a gift from our own inventory? Or buy a gift? Or, even better, have the game check our gift-giving list and decrease the mean spins-per-gift rate based on how many more gifts we need to send?

The huge backlog of gifts to open is bad enough… Hey, maybe solve both problems by letting us do some limited ‘regifting’ from our backlog of unopened gifts?

Or something? If this is going to be typical I’m going to blow off the whole bogosity of ‘friends’.


Sometimes, I receive gifts very quick (like 7/7 PokéStops) and sometimes I have like 0/7 PokéStops. However, I don’t get many from stops in the morning, but I guess that’s just coincidence. :thinking:


It’s just luck.


The clumpiness of the rate has been my experience, too. It’s a delight to get 3 in a row. But then to go 9 or 10 with none gets frustrating, especially when we seem to have no way to influence the rate. None at all. That’s when I want to scream, “Hell, I’ll BUY a f’ing gift, just let me finish playing and get to bed already.”


Fortunately, I only have 7 friends… :joy::joy:


I’ll probably have to simplify to about that level in the next week or two. More than 20 seems unsustainable due to the daily gift-opening limit. Exchanging daily gifts seems reasonably sustainable for about a dozen, though.

I hope the ‘delete friend’ function allows us to pick a reason we’re unfriending people. Even if it’s just a trite “it’s not you, it’s me”…


Boy, we’d be screwed if we had to SCAVENGE like this for the gifts we give in real life. Imagine trying to 'splain to your wife on your anniversary that you still haven’t found her present, yet.

(MANY giftless spins later) Finally, got one. This one goes to rpolera, who I think was supposed to be next. it’s been so long, I’d forgotten where I left off…


Like your idea! Send to Niantic?


Gift, gift, no gifts… 12 stops later 1 gift


I usually get from spins about 30-40 gifts a day to send out. I send first batch out after doing local gyms on my way to work. Then another before going into work from the spins near where I work. I send another batch out on my way home from work after what I get from spins at work. My final batch goes out when I get home from work from spins on taking gyms back that I had already taken this morning. On my days, there are a lot presents going out.


We call you “Santa Claus” where I live


I was able to get out between 9-7 presents on 4 different occasions today. I have 200 on Friends list. So if you are my friend, you should expect something at least once every 4-6 days. I’m going on vacation in 3 weeks and have no idea what gym/Pokestop situation is down there, but I will still do what I can.


Do you have elves and reindeer that help You? :joy::joy::joy::joy::grin::grinning::smiley::smile:


Just this one…


Good dog… good dog!


Nice dog btw @bobbyjack8


Had sort of a problem with him last week. He is only about 8 lbs. I guess that is what to rest of world? 5 kg? He found a rabbit nest in our yard and ate all the babies. I was trying to get the dead bodies out of his mouth but he was too fast. The main thing that stuck in my head was the baby rabbits screaming. Never heard that before. I guess it would be same with Sentrets.


3,62873896 Kg :nerd_face: