Discuss about how many friends one has to introduce


It seems there’s a problem… we have a topic where everybody introduces his codes.

But are we really able to atend to them?
I can introduce 10, 20 or more. But do I visit 10, 20 or more Pokestops so that I can return the gifts I receive?

It would be nothing nice to receive the gifts without return. It will produce hate. " I have given, but they don’t give me nothing"

I think it’s more delicate then we think in this moments.


i feel like its a job already. I have 200+ friend requests i can’t gift everyone can i? I know i can’t recieve them all.

It’s a double edged sword.


Yeah, it’s the same rule as in the investigations. One gift by stop by day…

And I remember a similar problem in facebook. This games about to have a farm. You needed friends for to be able to advance, and at the end it was more work to attend all friends than than the proper farm.


Good point. When your friends list grows beyond a certain point, you might spend more time each day tending to your friends than actually playing the game for yourself.

Almost like the way people who come from cultures whose vacation-travel custom it is to bring back a souvenir gift for each friend and family member can wind up spending more time and money getting those gifts than they did on the vacation, itself.


That’s Not True!! You can get as many gifts from a Pokéstop as many times as you can spin it! You can only hold 5 gifts @A time. So No you can’t be expected to hand out 200/gifts per day! But you ain’t Got to. Just make sure you message each person you want to friend ahead and make an agreement w them how you want it to be. You can also unfriend people.


Well, maybe your Pokestops are different? Myone gives only once per day… At least yesterday it was this way. Later I will try again.


First result: Here a Stop who has given a quest does not give friend-gift. Not at the same moment, and not later on.


Huh…I have gotten two gifts from one stop in one day.


I leveled up during a raid on same day gifting started. So my bag has been full plus additional items so I haven’t been able to get gifts to send. Only last night did I start getting gifts to give out and at least the people I raid with know this, but I have slowly started to give gifts back out and I’m currently sending them in the order I received them. I can’t even open gifts until I get an egg spot open, so this is a very slow process. Currently I still have like 40+ unopened gifts.


I’ve thought this out carefully and only have 24 people on my friends list. Solves a lot of the issues and i can gift virtually everyone on the list if i want to


There appears to be a hard limit to the number of gifts you can open (20 a day?). The limit of 5 unsent gifts at a time in the bag can be avoided by sending gifts as soon as spinning a stop yields one (so you never even reach the 5-in-a-bag limit). But there seems to be a limit to the number of gifts that spinning stops will yield in a day, though I still don’t know what that is.

Did everybody notice after a day or so of the friend feature’s rollout that the number of items you get when opening a gift dropped off significantly? Initially a typical gift would have (for example) 5 ultra balls, 5 pineaps, and a revive, or even five great balls and 3 raspberries; but starting yesterday I noticed the 5-at-a-time dropped to 1.

It makes sense to me, since the original gifts would fill up your bag with just 30 friends at a time, when factoring in all the items given by the pokestop spins when collecting gifts to send, plus the daily/weekly bonuses.


The first part is exactly the same as I see around here (no gift and new quest from the same spin). I don’t know about the second part, though. I vaguely recall seeing a pokestop yield a gift the spin after it yielded a new quest. But I’m not sure, yet.


They got nerfed



I have gotten 12 gifts from my friends and have struggled all day to get enough gifts to return them, let alone give gifts to the people who did not give me one.


Got about 30 left to give initial gifts to before I cycle through the list again.


Include me please in your list @bobbyjack8 :smile:


I’m full up @ 200, but after 2 weeks, I plan to remove any with no activity.


Do not remove me, I’m usually active, will be very active because I am going to Berkeley next week. Berkeley is a college in northern California with 500 stops in a 2 km radius. Never been there and will be sure to give you a gift!:smirk::grinning::grin::joy::rofl::smiley::smile:


Just wanted to report that this afternoon I got both a new field research task and a gift-for-giving in the same spin. So much for the theory that it never happens.


Why?? What’s the struggle???