Disappointing egg hatches


I feel very cheated by the contents of Pokémon eggs. Niantic post events which includes very special egg contents. After stocking up on expensive Incubators, I embark on an egg hatching spree. Hatching 4 or 5 lots per day. The latest 2 k event was pathetic. Hatching 45 eggs a day found me nothing but the same Pokémon that were readily available in the wild and caught for free. The best hatch was an 80% IV Lapras and only 2 smaller ones were found in the whole week. Not one was a shiny as promised. Complaints to Niantic fall on deaf ears over every issue in the game. We need a stronger voice to protest these blatant profiteering events and stop the erosion of love for the game.


For those interested in water types it was a good thing. GoHub and other outlets posts articless every event listing the event spawns and hatched. It might benefit you in the future to check the web to see what the hatches are before making an investment in incubators.


I’m sorry to hear you had such bad hatches. But yeah, defo check the possible hatches first next time


When Niantic announce special in eggs and include shiny in there promo. Also have various you tubers promoting the event as the same then in truth you find no quality hatches what so ever and every egg giving you the same as is in the wild to catch for free. Gives me the right to feel cheated weather you agree with it or not. The point here is that a special egg event that gives nothing special at all is a rip off. Catching over a thousand Wailmer without finding a shiny is wrong. Even though I live in a rural area I should at least find 1 don’t you think. The distribution ratio is grossly unfair every trainer should have the same chance to catch the Pokémon no matter where they are in the world. You could not play a game of cards properly with some of the deck missing in fact no other game has ever treated players differently. That is the main reason people spoof. I love the game and play legit but zero rewards for maximum effort doesn’t sit right with anyone.


Niantic say special eggs on and shiny don’t forget to stock up on incubators. You tubers all singing the praises of the new event. Then egg after egg giving the same water types that are everywhere in the wild, is not a special egg by any stretch of the imagination. the choice you have is to trust them to deliver on their promises and gear up in readiness. The anticipated special Pokémon details do not start emerging until after the start of the event. Offering special boxes along with the hype, knowing that they are not going to impress anyone, is wrong. If I were to advertise products for sale and then sent empty boxes that would be criminal. That is exactly what Niantic are doing


Shiny shellder, magikarp and wailmer are available in eggs. I don’t recall where I saw the article but shiny chances have been studied for wild encounters, community days, egg hatche and raids. It is a low percentage encounter and not everyone will get it. It took me over 1500 magikarp (fairly raid spawn where I live) to get my first shiny. A friend of mine go 3 during her first event. It’s all random.

Your lack of personal success does warrant your frustration but doesn’t constitute a failure of the event. IVs and spawns are random COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO LOCATION, everyone gets the same chances regardless of trainer level or location. If you hatch enough you will get some good and some bad hatched.

It took me 7 months to hatch my first Lapras and longer to hatch a Snorlax, the random nature of the game dictates we don’t have control. It sucks when you have to wait but it’s like pulling the handle on a slot machine, it is exciting. Don’t be discouraged, at least for me having to work for it makes it that much more exciting when I finally do have good luck :grinning:


You have several valid points to make and I have an understanding of the game structure etc. I try to stay positive but it is very difficult when the game developer undertakes the task to address the rural trainer issues but then adds more gyms and stops to city venues improving city game play while at the same time leaving us in a worsened position. Many trainers accept that rural play is limited but reject supporting rural communities for fear that we will take from them in some way. All rural communities want is fair treatment which sadly remains missing. many thanks for your insight into the game from your point of view and happy hunting.


Never hatched a shiny yet, all my shinies have been caught, and most at community days. Hatching something I’ve been catching all day takes the excitement out of the game.


A major benefit of hatching Pokémon that you’re catching in large numbers are the guaranteed good IVs. It’s nice to get know you’ll be getting solid IVs with every hatch with a decent chance at 90+%


I hatched 1 shiny so far, a laughing Wobbuffet.

But: You don’t NEED to hatch eggs, but it’s clever to do. Perhaps you get a nice hatch within a few days. You don’t know that.


I have also hatched 1 shiny - a 100% iv pichu but egg shiny rate seems to be too low.


Rural players like me don’t get good IV on hatches either unless they are none useful types. It took me 18 months of playing to find a 100% IV and that was a Pidgie My highest IV are between 82 to 89%


That isn’t always the case. as @Thorend mentioned earlirer, IVs are completely random, it doesn’t matter if you are rural or urban. Although, saying this, rural players see less pokemon that urban players, so even though the ivs are random, they have a higher chance of finding a hundo simply as there are more pokemon. You probably have a 100 pidgey out of all the pokemon as pigdey are commoner so the chances are higher as they are more frequent. If snorlax, say, was commoner than pidgey, you would most likely have a perfect iv one as they spawn more. And pokestop submission may be coming available so you can gain more stops in your area too


Some think it is sour grapes with me but genuinely, I have caught 56k Pokémon. Evolved 5,100 and hatched 3, 742 eggs walked almost 6,000 Km visiting 41,778 stops and battled in 159 gyms and defended them for 9,800 Hours. I have all species gold badges and I just think that after all that effort I would have a team of 6 powerful Pokies to raid with. Sadly I don’t.


TL40 x 2 and I’ve only hatched one shiny during the Mareep community day. I hatched a shiny luvdisc :joy:


Many I know have caught shiny in the wild my ones have been at the community day even then I only managed to find 2 or 3 when many others have found double figures. With the best will in the world it is difficult to do much with 45 CP Shiny Lavitar lol


I have hatched 7 perfect Pokémon but never a shiny, however I have been extremely lucky when it comes to hatches


My numbers aren’t as high as yours but i share your feeling.

the last few weeks/months it has become increasingly more clear that hardcore players get shafted more often then casuals. With the number of raids i do and eggs i hatch i should have had way more succes then i actually have.

Example: my semi casual level 38 GF has caught 3 100% IV legendaries in the last 5 months: a mewtwo, a weatherboosted Ho-Oh and a Kyogre
I on the otherhand with at least double the raids done: 1 x 100%, caught december 2nd 2017…

Same goes for our shiny luck, same goes for our eggs (2200+ eggs hatched: 1 shiny and a whopping 4 100%'s)


It’s just luck, I have 0 100% legendaries and only 2 100% Pokémon whereas most everyone in the area I live has more then 2. My gf also started playing again during g the last community day and her 5th lavitar was a shiny whereas it took me 20+ to find a shiny.


I love the game and work hard to be as good as possible. Grinding the catches the eggs etc and I enjoy helping others to raid and battle gyms. I don’t expect it to be easy but I thought the rewards would be a little better than they have been. It tends to spoil the fun. I wish you luck with your game.