Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


I got a stone for 7 day research breakthrough.


I did too


Apart from the 5 given stones from Trainer battles on Swinub CD my last Stone was 18th Jan. Apart from one Rare Candy it’s been 500 Dust every day. Very lame and at a massive disadvantage not being able to PvP


I got dust on 2 Trainer battles and then dust on Leader battle. Got rare candy on last Trainer Battle.


2 yesterday, one from a Leader Battle and another from Field Research Breakthrough. 23 in reserve.


And another from a Leader Battle now. That makes 24 in reserve, and that’s all I need to evolve all the remaining Pokemon, and their shinies, and have a remaining amount to evolve should I get a hundo at a moments notice.


Still no Stone for my 1 a day possible since 18th of Jan.
I have how ever got 3 Rare candy from the last 4 days.
Even saw it give 2 Rares and the Rare Candy Dust double from one battle when doing some PvP on the wife and Kids.


I got one today during my Trainer battle and another one when I lost a PvP battle.


Just got one yesterday, literally after using one to evolve a Shiny Misdreavus.


I got a charged TM during my last Battle with Blanche.


Nice, I got a fast TM a while ago


I’ve been slack updating this.
I’ve had 2 Stones since last post.
1 on the 9th of March
1 on the 25th of March
Averaging one Stone a Month since January. Rather poor when my only option possible is 1 Trainer Battle a Day. I can get that in in 1-2 weeks doing PvP on the Wife and Kids accounts.
Happy for the Rares and don’t care for the TM’s.


I’ve never gotten one. Hubby has gotten 4 from our battles so far. All I get is dust and rare candy. Didn’t even get one on community day.


I got one from Spark today.


I’ve revived 4 stones in the last 2 weeks. Big step up from the one a month.
Have not seen a Rare Cindy or TM for weeks and have not received a double reward combo for a long time either.


I got a stone for 7 day research breakthrough today.


I got 2 Sinnoh stones today, one from research breakthrough and the other from Spark.


I just got 2 Sinnoh Stones from Candela.


I just got 2 rc from blanche


I got 1 today