Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


Battle @5GodLink that’s how I get most of my stones


Just got two of them, but both from different days. Me and mine raced to do three before midnight, and I got one on the very last battle, 30 seconds before the next day commenced in game. The first battle for the new day got me one too, bringing my total in reserve to 5.


Today PvP: Stone; Dust; Stone. Training: Dust


Today PvP: Dust, Candy, Stone. Training: Dust


Nothing but dust today


Got another Sinnoh Stone from battling, technically yesterday–it just turned midnight here not too long ago. I have six now, but my hubby has nine in reserve LOL


PvP: Dust; Candy; Dust Training: Dust


Stone and dust


Dust, stone, candy,dust
Cool thing is now my son wants to fight me again because he needs stones for Swinub CD.


I identify with that, really. Even though we will getting 5 from battling on Community Day, I plan to stock up as much as I can that way I can evolve all the ones I have when it comes out as well as have some leftover when better IV Pokemon come my way.


Got my first Rare Candy from Trainer Battle today


Just got another from a PvP Battle tonight. I’m trekking along! 4 more to go to be able to evolve the next batch, but I’ll require at least 17 total to prepare for other hundos should they come my way.


I’m up to 18 stones now.


Today PvP: Dust; Stone; Candy Training: Dust

Overall: 32 Stones; 11 of them used for evolutions


Today PvP: Dust, Dust, Stone
Trainer: Dust


Today: PvP: Candy; Dust; Stone Training: Dust

Overall: 33 Stones; 11 of them used for evolutions


Another Sinnoh Stone for today’s battles, none from yesterday’s.


All 3 PvP battles and 1 Trainer battle today ended in just dust.


I got a Stone this morning. 6 in the shed now.
Bring on the Wooly Mammoths


PvP: Dust; Dust and Candy; Dust Training: Dust