Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


2 stone today


Just got another from a Leader Battle just after midnight. Don’t have anything to evolve it with, but I’m stocking up.


Today: three times dust in PvP and again dust with the trainer


I haven’t used stone I got yesterday yet. I still haven’t done and battles today. Figured I do them during Cowgirls and Lambs game.


Lol I got 2 today


I evolved him next because I only had Shiny Honchkrow


Today: Dust; Stone; Dust and in the Training match: Dust


Bit of a shock this morning from my 7 day Quest Rewards.
Not the Junk Entei, that’s no surprise. The stone.


Nope, it is illegal for me to possess sinnoh Stones apparently .


PvP: 3x Dust and Training: Dust
PvP: Dust; Stone; Dust and Training: Dust


Woohoo something other than Dust


i got one today/this week. i barely battled this week.


Got on my last battle last night


I got none like usually.


I got none on Wednesday which was rare.


Been on a dry spell lately, but I’ve three in reserve, so if the next round of evolutions requires a Sinnoh Stone, I’ll have a little something to use. If not, well, there’s always a better version of the current ones coming around. I’M LOOKING AT YOU, ELECTIVIRE FAMILY!!


PvP today: 3x Dust; Training: Dust (with 15 stones in the pocket)


Got a stone today. No candy though.


I’ve gotten a total of 5 Stones this week


Only time I didn’t get a stone was yesterday I think.