Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


January 2019

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What is this for


how many Stones you have gotten for the month of January


What’s that? Explaining the cuestion after the poll? My answew is for all time, not only in January…
And we are now on 6th. So really I couldn’t say how many I have received en january, they are not enough important for remembering.


you just change your vote every time you get one… you


forget it…, take it as if i don’t have answered


I voted wrong. I’ve gotten 8 stones total. I’m still 3 away from evolving all 11.


you can change your vote


I got one earlier from battling you


I got 0 since jan but in total ever i got 6 or 7


3 weeks later and I’m still only on the 3 from the first few weeks.
Games giving me nothing from the 7 Day Quest streaks or the 1 Trainer Battle every day. RNG can kiss my ***


Really RNG is working bad, I have now all 11 evoultions and another 9 Stones in my bag.
I do every day 3 fights with a friend and one with the trainer.


I still only have had 5 Sinnoh stones total. 2 of them were of when they were guaranteed. RNG can be a bitch sometimes.


I’ve obtained a total of 15 Sinnoh Stones, currently having one in my inventory that is in reserve. I evolved all 11 to get the entries (all of them were 93% or higher) as well as 3 Shiny varieties, so that’s why I only have one sitting in my box.

My husband and I do the daily battles since we both have the feeling that we may need them when the next round of evolutions come out like Mamoswine and Magnezone. If that doesn’t happen, at least we have extras for when we obtain better versions of Pokemon we already evolved. I for one would love to get a better Electivire. 13 Attack is a dealbreaker for me.


It’s been a month since I got my last Sinnoh stone.


just got 4 in a row, single day. First time i’ve seen this.


Now that’s a stroke of luck. The best I’ve personally seen is my husband getting two in one battle and one more in the next.


4 in one day, that makes me sad and salty that Niantic have failed monumentally to address the issues with the PTC accts that are age blocked from a list of features that just keeps growing.


Still trying to get one today


No rewards for me until after midnight.