Did you get a Sinnoh stone?


Stops can give them too?


I wonder if it also possible to get it from the 50km+ reward. I’ll have to wait and see I guess.


I have gotten one from the breakthrough,one from Pvp and one from a pokestop(I think,im not 100% sure).I know I have Rhyperior,Roserade and Honchcrow


Got one from breakthrough, now i am holding two.


I got 2 one from A Loss


I’ve gotten them almost every week except one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lucky, i think i missed 2-3 weeks. Now i am holding 2 :crazy_face:


In a reversal, I only have gotten one out of all the battles I’ve done. My husband? FIVE!!


3 weeks without a Sinnoh stone. I know someone who has made all the available 11 evolutions by now.
RNG can really suck sometimes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Not since last week


I have now the 11 posible evolutions and 5 stones in stock for the future. Just today I have received 2 of 3 posibles in the PvP fights.


Just got one after a week!


With @Jormdeworm but not @Thorend


Haven’t gotten any again yet.


Got one today fighting with a friend.


Havnt got a sinnoh stone since like I cant remember when it has been a very long time, but I got I think it was Raikou, Articuno, Raikou, Entei. (Entei had thesinnoh stone!)


I got one on my last breakthrough. I’m holding off on this next breakthrough to get as many chances as I can at Lugia and Ho-oh.

I’m just stockpiling stones at this point though. I already landed enough to evolve everything and still have 4 in my inventory.


I’ve still only got the 3 all up. 2 when they were a given reward before that changed to Radom and 1 from Training which didn’t work until about the 4-5th day for those of us on Age capped accts.
It really makes me salty when this can happen in 2 days being able to get them through PvP battles.


I got tonight and evolved my first Togekiss. I guess Magmortar will be next.