Deoxy Ex raid cycle


Are you prepared for Deoxy ex raid.

Next Ex cycle will be Deoxy. So this week we should get invites?Get to your ex gyms !




The only thing I like about this is the thought of how speed form will be released, and I like how you can see if it is an ex gym or not now.


And also ex raid pass could be shared with one ultra or best friend


Yes but you are the only person nearby, if I get a ex pass, I would share to you.


Only issue is when does the next cycle start?


Should be recieving this friday/saturday or even Thursday night


any idea about how the ex raid gym tags work??
they said to check the gym details…
But i found nothing…


You want to see what it looks like in game?


@Gary_oak Are you thinking there’s some sort of marking on the Gym in Game that tells you it’s an Ex Eligable Gym?
As far as I’m aware there isn’t anything visually different about an Ex Eligible Gym v a stock std normal Gym.
It would be good if there was.


well the notification says there would be a tag for ex eligible gyms…
so i guess it could actually tell us which of the gyms on our list are actually eligible…



I’m sure the Silph Rd Nerds will be all over this and find a marking if its subtle or it might just be plain and obvious. I Raided and Ex Eligle Gym on the way to work this morning. Didn’t notice anything different about it but then again I wasn’t looking. I’ll have a look if I do any others in the next few days.


okay mate!!!:+1:
plus there is a mention to normal form…
so i think there will be only normal deoxys form for this cycle…
or who knows…


Word is the marking wont appear until the 23rd.
This could also be the issue of the first new Ex Passes or the start of the week for triggering Ex Passes.


Just need some clarification on ex raid pass sharing, it does mean I will be able to “share” not “give away” my ex raid pass with a ultra/best friend, so both of us could join the ex raid, right?



You and one friend get a pass.


So I would give you a pass if I ever got one.


I will share it with you too if I am lucky enough to get it


I could never come :sweat_smile::sob: