Defeating Blanche, Candela and Spark



I only use 1 max mewtwo to kill all pokemon in master league training


I use 1 Max (for my level) Lapras :sunglasses:


I see lapras so much more now in gyms and pvp and maybe shiny lapras in 2 days


In training I use random teams to experiment and if I think their good I use them in trainer battles


@UltraInstinct841 that’s cool I do lots of these battles for my badge


This is smart, must start experimenting…


I use weak pokes in great cause they never battle in gyms


They are a joke if you use the same league Pokemon to battle against them. Try to use Great League Pokemon to battle them in Master League.


Candela is weak against my parties.


Blanche in Master League can be defeated by one Heatran.


I’m not sure how anyone needs tips defeating them. BTW, they don’t use shields.


One challenge would be battling against Blanche in Great League with only level 1 Pokémon.


I’ve found my L40 98% Vaporeon tears up Candela the quickest in Master League.
I don’t care about testing other Pokemon or a lower League.
I just want to get it done, get my 500 or 1000 Dust, curse the game for no Sinnoh Stone again and get on with catching junk for Candy and Dust.
I only do Master League as the others have reduced Dust Rewards.


I am good GL and UL but lose at ML


I’m not sure how you can lose unless your really trying to test unsuitable Pokemon in the battle?
Pick your typiing right and they are easy beats.


Actually I was talking about against real people (off topic)


Blanche great league with a electric type is even easier, try it out


98% L40 Raikou be the only one I need? @Pokemon


You can beat Blanche in Master League with one Heatran without power-up