Crazy idea to make Spoofing work


i have been a fan of Pokemon since the original red and blue. The games have a lot to offer to help pokemon go become even greater. I know a lot of people are split on spoofing and if it should be allowed or not but what if Niantic took spoofing into their own hands.

In the old games you had the Safari Zone. A place where you had a limited amount of time and balls to catch pokemon. then they got graded on the catch and you won prizes. The old game also had hideouts. Where you can decorate your room with stuff you bought at the super mart. If we combined the two for pokemon go it can become something awesome.

Have local “hideouts” for people to gather and set up so they still have to go out into the world. from there you would leave your backpack at the hide out and get a fanny pack. it would have a limited amount of balls and berries, you only get 30 mins to an hour untill you have to return to the hide out. once you get your fanny pack a joystick would come up and you can walk around hunting pokemon. this would allow people to spoof but stay in local areas and not spoof around the world. the goal is to catch as many pokemon as you can with the limited balls and time you have. as you walk around you have a chance to find pokemon but also a chance team rocket will appear to steal your fanny pack . it can back a quick one on one battle with you walking partner and theirs. use berries to heal your partner back up just like gyms. if you beat a team rocket grunt you get some more balls/ berries to help you stay out longer and if you lose they steal one of your pokemon that you catch.

once time runs out, you are returned to the hide out where you turn in your pokemon and fanny pack. then all of your pokemon are graded and a leader board can be set up to see who has caught the best/most pokemon in that area. then you get all your pokemon and backpack back.

what do you guys think?


Would not it be better to learn the game the right way without violating the TOS? And no more problems…


The problem is that it wouldn’t stop spoofers spoofing, they’d still be hopping all over the world


Exactly what @TurtleDragon says. Youd give normal players more frustration cause suddenly EVERYONE gets to knock down everything everywhere for 30 minutes a day, and spoofers just keep doing it, cause why settle for 30 minutes if you can do it 6 hours (or more).