CP, IV or moveset?


How do you decide what to keep in your bag.

The highest IV’s??
The highest CP??
Or the best moveset??

Be interesting to see what all of you prefer in your bags.


IVs and moveset, never CP. :sunglasses:


IV is primary, then movesets and CP only comes into play if it is very high or if the Pokémon is rare.
The other thing I factor in is where it was caught. I always keep a few as momento of my travels.


I heard CP means nothing haha. I only keep the highest IV if I can’t find the Candy’s to keep evolving.


Does the IV make the Pokemon a better fighter??

I don’t play gyms (until the rework anyway)

Do you think I should I keep IV or moveset??


In general I would worry about move set before IVs. The difference between a 0% IV and a 100% IV will only be a few hundred CP if you completely max out the Pokemon. I normally try to wait for a 80% or higher to evolve but unless the game gets to a point where PvP is super competitive the IVs won’t make a huge difference.


It’s so interesting to see how different people play.


IVs play into the Pokémon attack, defense and stamina stats , so yes it will affect them in battle. That said it would be tough battling with a Pokémon that has great IVs with a bad moveset. I do keep high CP Pokémon with great movesets regardless of IVs if I don’t have one with high IVs and that moveset.

There is also a method of thinking that says keep all high CP Pokémon and if the IVs aren’t good battle with them then transfer them after so you don’t have to use potions.

Like you said, lots of different ways to play and none of them are necessarily wrong. It’s just a players preference.


IV is the most important on stuff you want to spend the dust on. For esteem grinding gyms there’s a whole plethora of dudes that work best, simply as a squad of stock evos to take in and beat stuff up whenever their cp range applies. For those guys mover is absolutely the most important.

You don’t want to just disregard cp entirely because, like I eluded to, you want to have those guys at certain numbers to perform the best at your half cp target range. It is the least important though.

But, for me it’s like, I’m not even appraising that two-digit cp, well, anything anymore.


Thanks @Thorend I’ll keep that in mind :grin:


To keep a Pokemon it has to have 100% IV or 85% with good attacks. I don’t have many Pokemons, and I don’t have everyone. I only have the usefull ones (in current meta).


Oh. For those unsure what IV actually is, it’s actually very simple. A perfect Pokémon has maxed 15 on all three stats. That’s 45 points possible. 45/45 x 100 = 100%.

Every IV value you ever see is evenly trickled down from there. I don’t need a calculator to tell you that 44/45 x100 = 97.8

43 = 95.6
42 = 93.3

91.1, 88.9, etc.

The reason I tell you this. Is because the actual spread between those stat points varies slot. You get Pokémon that can perform noticeably different, even sitting at the exact same IV.

The simple team leader appraisal messages really don’t give a complete picture. You read a 1 stat blown away (15) and think it’ll be whatever 80s, maybe 91. Run it through and it’s 96. Or excellent stats (14 or 13 maxed) getting a higher IV reading then if that exact Pokémon you were checking had blown away instead.

I’m actually more interested in exactly how cp corelates. Example, I have 2 98 snorlax, one hp/atk best the other hp/Def. I worked them to the exact same spot on the arc curve. Yeah, twin snorlaxes right? Wrong. The atk 15 one came out higher.

Just really interested in seeing more. I’d love, for example, a third 98 (atk/Def best) and work THAT up too.


Worse moveset but decent IVs


You know the formula that calculates CP from the three stats ? Cause that explains why the one with the atk 15 comes out higher


Not a formula, but I have noticed through this and other guys, that the atk stat has a bit more weight. 15 atk guys will have the highest cp possible within whatever it’s specific IV allows.


Check this thread out I’d say:



I just wish my Lapras wasn’t nerfed. He would have great to use in the gyms. Now he just sits in my Pokedex.


Still good for prestiging against Dragonite, depending on move sets. At least until the gym rework comes out :slight_smile:


I don’t use any of the 3rd party stuff that tells me IVs. Since I’m not going to know the moveset until I evolve it, I rely just on the CP number. I keep just enough gyms to get my 100 coins every 21 hours and use those to buy incubators or storage upgrades. I haven’t even bought any new clothes yet.