Cosmetic items and reward systems research!


Thank you for contributing to our research. The form will now be closed and the content will be analysed.


Done! Best of look with the project, I did my final year project last year so I know the pain and hassle of getting people to fill in your surveys :joy:


About the form:
"When did you start to play Pokemon GO? *"
Why put in “2-3 Years ago” and “3+ Years ago” when the release date was 6th of juli 2016. The game is not even 2 years old, it seems weird that you would include those options…

Theres alot of things going on about loot boxes at the moment. Some goverments (like mine in the Netherlands, or our neighbours in Belgium) now see them as a form of gambling in some games (not all).
I dont think it would be wise for Niantic to go that route at the moment. Unless there is literally no way they are buyable with either real money, or the currently exsisting “pokecoins” or a new ingame currency.

The only way lootboxes should be obtainable in my opinion is as rewards. unbuyable.


Loot boxes could be cool as a reward for a raid. That could be how we get our items.