[CONTEST] Signature Art Week #1: "Kyogre"


Hi everyone!

Signatures are small, banner like, graphics using one motive and a whole shit load of graphical effects. Check this google search for more info! When I was younger, big forums always held these “signature drawing contests” where people would come together and create fan made graphic pieces with a set theme. Almost always, the contest organiser would provide a graphical resource or a theme for the contest, which you were required to follow. :slight_smile: In that spirit, I’m starting the tradition of signature contests on GO Hub forums also!

#Main information and resources


  1. Contest starts (Monday, May 22 2017)
  2. You upload your submissions to imgur/forum directly and show them below
  3. Contest ends (Friday, May 27 2017)
  4. Weekend is the voting period using the forum poll mechanism
  5. We start a fresh contest next monday


  • Dimensions (size) of your sig is fixed: 400 x 120
  • You can, but it’s not mandatory, to use the Kyogre render above
  • Your signature must feature Kyogre
  • Maximum of 3 submissions per user
  • No copy and pasting others work
  • No NSFW sigs using nudity and similar


Good luck everyone!


General discussion

Nice! a sig contest, love it!


But i am not on imgur what should I do now


Just slap it here as an upload then


Ok! Then i will send it here.


Where do we submint our entry? Here or there will be a DM or what?


You should submit it in this thread


This is the first forum signature I have created, and I realize I have so much to learn…

Click here to see my image on imgur: Kyogre Sig Contest Entry