Competitve team building strategy



Hi guys, I would like to know some of your team building for competitive Pokemon Go!!! I based mine on own experience, best move sets, high iv’s, high DPS, and high cp. Also if you haven’t adopted the competitve team building aspect of the game you need to adopt it!! It helps with bag space and eliminate waste pokemon.

My Gen 1 team

Gen 2 team


Well, teams change depending on the gym lineup you’re facing. However, if I had to make a PvP team with my current mons and no duplicates were allowed, I’d go:

  • Dragonite (Dragon Tail / Hurricane)
  • Tyranitar (Iron Tail / Stone Edge)
  • Blissey (Pound / Hyper Beam)
  • Venusaur (Vine Whip / Petal Blizzard)
  • Gyarados (Bite / Hydro Pump)
  • Arcainine (Fire Fang / Fire Blast)


A few adjustments to your moveset choices.
Dragonite (Dragon Breath/ Hyperbeam )
Tyranitar (Iron Tail / Crunch)
Blissey (Pound / Dazzling Gleam)
Venusaur (Vine Whip / Petal Blizzard)
Gyarados (Bite / Hydro Pump)
Arcainine (Fire Fang / Fire Blast)

I would aim for DPS!!!


Do you have a GEN 2 team with your choice of move sets? I will include mine tomorrow!


Well, I made the team based on what I actually have. :stuck_out_tongue:

And nah, I’m not a big fan of specific gen teams, but I could probably whip one up later.


My team is based on the gym being faced. I want to use STAB to minimise resource usage. Not too much diversity in gyms so mainly the same mons get used;

  • Jolteon for water types / Gyarados / Vaporeon
  • Starmie for Rhydon & Tyranitar
  • Lapras / Cloyster / Dewgong (1k CP) for Dragonites
  • Alakazam for Blissey
  • Flareon / Charizard for Exeggcutor
    Prestiging is another story.


i’ve always been the collector type and not paying much attention to the combat stuff per say or not as deep as most hardcore peeps - i got all pokemons except the region exclusvies and those not in game but i wanna dive into the combat starting now - i do have a decent eevvee team except umbreon i use to attack gyms and i love them


Are we talking Gym teams or PvP teams? If PvP, I’m stacking with Dragon + Ground + Grass combination. cc @WardoYoutube


Few adjustments to your lineup

  • Jolteon for water types / Gyarados / Vaporeon
  • Vaporeon for Rhydon & Tyranitar
  • Lapras / Cloyster / Dewgong (1k CP) for Dragonites
  • Exeggutor for Blissey
  • Flareon / Charizard for Exeggcutor


Gym teams, Pvp ain’t out yet! Can you make a list of specific gen 1 and gen 2 Pokemon?


Sorry @WardoYoutube the lineup above was for gyms not PVP, given the normal stack of mons in gyms right now.
Also - reason I choose Starmie for Rhydon is because its HP is less than Vaporeon so reviving is less resource intensive. Same for Alakazam. Personal choice though…


Those are my recommendations for Gym battles!!!


I agree that reviving for Vaporeon is harder than Starmie. But you got to realize if you can get Starmie with best move set is “water gun/ hydro pump” I will go for it with Starmie. But, but Vaporeon has a better cp and Iv potential and you have a higher chance of getting water gun/hydro pump with a Vaporeon.

You can spam 4> attacks before the 1st charge move hits with Vaporeon. I love to spam attacks so then I go for DPS. Also I do realize that Starmie is more agile than Vaporeon but Vaporeon does more damage.


My pvp would be this… as i have right now. No dublicates.

Dragonite steel ving - hyper beam
Gyarados bite - hydro pump
Blissey pound - hyper beam
Golem rock throw - stone edge
Venusaur vine vhip - solarbeam
Vaporeon vatergun - aqua tail


Few adjustments made to your pvp and what to look for.
Dragonite dragon breath - hyper beam
Gyarados bite - hydro pump
Blissey pound - dazziling gleam
Golem rock throw - stone edge ?!?!? why its so slow who do you have for a replacement Pokemon? I would go for Jolteon thunder shock/thunder for a replacement.
Venusaur vine whip - petal blizzard
Vaporeon water gun - Hydro Pump
Alakazam/Umbreon- Zen Headbutt/Shadow Ball


makes you hyped for pvp just that bit more with all this line up talk lol


I know its slow but with a 100% iv iand 2600cp it can really rock on


That’s not the point. What is the goal of gym battles?!?! To beat the gym take it over and farm coins right? You do realize that a 100% Golem is extremely rare?!?! Jolteon not so much by far the most common egg hatch out of Eevee’s .

2600 cp is not gonna take down a Dragonite, Snorlax, Lapras, Tyrinitar, Blissey, and Vaporeon. Jolteon goes up to 3000 cp and above. Jolteon doesn’t really have a weakness besides water. I used to live in a water biome and now I live in a rural biome. With a water front that has gyms and compacted pokestops around the area. If I can take down all the gyms in the area and prestige it up. To where it won’t be taken down I can farm gyms easily.


Roger that. Yea i was extremely lucky with that one. My first 100%. Its my favorite to take down both snorlax and dragonite. I would use it in pvp or maybe switch with my Alakazam confusion - psykick


I would like to see video footage of that!