Community Pokedex/Pokémon Box Challenge


Sorry about that. Didn’t know it wasn’t allowed. Just trying to keep the chain alive and going.




@VvlJokerVvl @KingQ07 @alex9945 something went wrong here…
Let’s end up the chaos:

@alex9945 remove Aron and place a screenshot of Mawile.

@KingQ07 remove Mawile and place a screenshot of Aron.


Yes I know. Me and @alex9945 we’re posting our Pokédex entries and must have posted one too soon so it was a double so it had to be deleted. This channel has some guidelines to follow so we skipped over and @KingQ07 posted mawhile again to cover mine that was taken down. Huh! Long story lol


K, i will do that


Ok good👌 We all caught up? Who wants to do the honors and add the next Pokémon? Anyone have shiny Aggron!


I don’t really know what to post. For me, there are two Arons visible but Mawile is missing :thinking:


Start with Aggron. We had a mix up earlier so post got deleted. Thanks!


My last post was Lairon


@alex9945 posted a wrong one. He has to remove his Aron and place a Mawile back.




500 :heart_eyes:



Love this mon😍



We still don’t have her in the thread yet. If one of you guys could edit her in there or something?


Anyway, here’s the next correct entry…