Community Day field research


In North America the community day event is going strong right now. I have been spinning stops and found several researches that are “Catch x Mareep”.
Of course, I’ve never seen that before today. Have others gotten it too?
Now there is event-only research? Not complaining because I get even more bonuses for catching the pokemon that are everywhere lol. But I think that this is interesting. I’ll be looking for more of those in the coming months.


Third bullet point


Thanks! I guess I should read the news hub more.


And you don’t have to turn them in before the event is over. So when you feel your supply of mareep research missions is starting to run dry, you can save one or two to turn in later.
I’m just not sure yet whether they’ll carry over all the way to tomorrow. I’ll know in about 2.5 hours from now (since I’m from europe), but my expectation is that the research will last long enough to use for tomorrow’s stamp.


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