Community Day Discussion



What Pokemon, rewards etc do you think we’ll see in June?
My personal opinion is we will see double xp, and the pokemon will be Magikarp but it will be everywhere. A legendary for CD would be cool but i somewhat doubt it will happen.

Lotad too :slight_smile:


I want Hulk…


  1. Larvitar
  2. Squirtle
  3. Bagon
  4. Growlithe
  5. Abra
  6. whatever else


Or Ralts
Or Gible, but he deserves an entire community week with 10IV minimum


June = Larvitar
If not July = Larvitar


I like the thought of abra - that seems likely


Larvitar in June. Probably Squirtle in July.


The pattern is Starter - Gen1 rare - Starter - Gen2 rare - Starter, so Gen 3 rare? Shiny Metagross is awe-inspiring, but I feel like it shouldn’t be so easy to get.
Same with Salamence. Lotad?


That Dratini CD was awesome, but it raised our hopes too high for future events. And the pattern is still really weird.

We got: Gen1 “starter” > Gen1 Rare > Gen 1 starter > Gen2 rare > Gen1 starter > June > Definitely Squitle.

It always had a three stage evolution until now, so if we follow the patten, we may have:
• Larvitar, a Gen2 rare, which won’t fit the pattern.
• Beldum/Bagon, Gen 3 rare. Too soon?
• Ralts/Trapinch, Gen 3 rare. Yea, thats more likely than the two above.
• Or it could break the three stage and add something with two stages evolution.




Lotad was actually exactly what I was expecting, but I couldn’t remember it when making this post.


The non starter pokemon don’t just seem to be rares but 10k hatches. I know that they are all obviously but may be part of the pattern that they are from the eggs.


Also we already have shiny magicarp so highly doubt that and why do people want lotad? It’s not that uncommon around me (Yes I do love in rainy england) and isn’t a great pokemon at all apart from a nice typing.

I think either beldum or ralts is most like as said above by @thinger95 but I would personally like to see larvitar.


June should be idk
July should be Larvitar


July will definitely be squirtle…which follows the gen-one-starter-every-other-month pattern. For June, I dont think it will be a gen 3, so I’d guess:

  1. Ghastly (shadow claw for gengar)
  2. Larvitar (ancient power for Ttar, or smack down as a quick move) OR…
  3. Geodude (power gem for golem)


Machop would be cool…although I probably should have waited to evolve my 100 I recently caught in order to get the special move. Oh well

Niantic is good at keeping us guessing, so it could be something completely random


June should be Larvitar
July should be Squirtle


Or June could be Grimer/Vulpix/Geodude/Marowak and have their Alolan form make a special appearance!


It will most likely be a mon with a 3-stage evolution…thats what it has been for every CD so far


How 'bout Pikachu? As far as I know it only has 2 stages (unevolved, Pikachu, and evolved, Raichu). Of course I didn’t forget about Pichu, but that’s a baby so it’s not included.