Community Day #5 - Charmander or Squirtle



Reddit says Charmender


I cant see it being a charizard just cause that’s one for a bigger event. Won’t be a magikarp cause the shinto is already catchable in the wild so why do that. I think it will be a pidgey or rattata.


??? Why Pidgey or Rattata


Why is Charizard for a bigger event?


Kanto week


Your poll does not work btw


Bulba is too


I would like charmander, but it’s probably going to be a gen two, I’m assuming the next two will be gen two Pokémon, and the next 3 after that gen 3 Pokémon, possibly leading into gen 4 Pokémon, but that’s just my humble opinion


Considering this article in go hub
Still thinking that if only it was week after omg I can’t beloeve it week before just fine that weekend it’s my luck today


How do you guys edit a post that has been made

  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Something else, eevee?

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Its charmander


Not yet, but it’s very likely.


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