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Mew is similar to a vertebrate embryo. It shares many traits with cats. Its morphology is also vaguely similar to a jerboa, having large hind legs and a long skinny tail. It is believed by scientists to be the ancestor of all other Pokรฉmon, which, along with its resemblance to an embryo, may be a reference to the recapitulation theory.

Name origin
Mew may be derived from ๅฆ™ myล (strange/unusual), mew (the sound a kitten makes, referring to its size and cat-like appearance), or mutant (myลซtanto), or it may be a combination of mystery and new (considering that it is mysterious and โ€œnewlyโ€ discovered).


I found the name is from mew as cat sound


Lots of pokemon look like cats and are related to cats.

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Tyranitar shares strong similarities with the Armadillo girdled lizard, a desert-dwelling lizard mainly distinguished by its especially firm scales.

Tyranitar could also be based on Godzilla, which itself was designed by combining three dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus, Iguanodon and Stegosaurus, along with a crocodile and an alligator. Similarly, Mega Tyranitarโ€™s shoulder spikes and head piece could indicate that it is possibly based on SpaceGodzilla.

Name origin
Tyranitar is derived from tyrant or Tyrannosaurus (derived from the same root).

Bangiras may be a combination of ้‡Ž่›ฎ yaban (savage) or ่›ฎ ban (barbarian) and ๅซŒใ„ kirai (hate). Giras may derive from Gojira, the Japanese name for Godzilla, or Angiras, the Japanese name for the character Anguirus. Both are dinosaur-like tokusatsu movie monsters that share some characteristics with Tyranitar.โ€


Actually right


Maybe someone can do gen 4 mons now



Is that a turtle with a harness on lol


My son named all his Tyranitar Godzilla. 1,2,3, and 4.


Turtwig is based on a snapping turtle with plant characteristics.

Name origin
Turtwig is a combination of turtle and twig.

Naetle is a combination of ่‹— nae (sprout) and turtle.


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