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I recently posted a comment on the lts go data mine article displaying my views and that had a link to pokemongohub since i wanted to mention the site so i added .net after and a proposal for a new site letsgohub that doesnt exist, but i added .net to show like, how it could be. Sadly this was detected as spam.

Is there anything I can do?


PS: here is what i posted

I do not mean any disrespect, but a very big majority of people following this hub probably don’t have or intend to buy a switch and are here for Pokemon Go news.

Every time I see an article on Lets Go I whish it were only about the things concerning Pokemon Go.

I all up for a pokemonletsgohub ccreation But this article really doesn’t even attempt to discuss the trading aspects with Pokemon Go or anything related to it.

I believe it just doesn’t really belong on pokemongohub.

Sorry if this offends anyone.

Edit: removed .net on the letsgohub so people don’t think it actually exists.

Edit2: removed .net on pokemongohub because link is detected as spam.


Welcome to Pokémongohub Forum and finally our exams are done and play time lol


Hihi, yes, more fun in this world…