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Milestone reached




I’ve been on a Dust Collecting mission since I gave up on getting a great Giratina (using it as quick as I’m getting it). Nothing worth Raiding atm is making it real easy to just catch everything.



This is pure understatement… letting it one lesser than @NotanotherKangaskhan:wave::wave::wave:


Nice work @Thorend
Race you to 200K :grinning:


Challenge Accepted :smiley: Game on!


Progress report on the race to 200K @Thorend


I will need to make up some ground but you can bet there will be no slacking on my part :wink:


@Thorend @NotanotherKangaskhan, you two are insane, insanely good grinders every single day!

I caught just about half as what @Thorend has caught.



I’m over 110 now, hopefully I’m not losing ground :sweat_smile:


Your not losing ground.


I average just over 1000 a month.
Now @ 33,1 a day. It has been over 35, but this weather ain’t helping




I’ve only caught less than half of what @Thorend and @NotanotherKangaskhan have.


Since end October 2018 I’m actively catching more Pokémon.



Been playing since day 1. I know I’m still behind a fair few here, but no one can say I’m slouching.


58, 332 as of now


Can we get an update on the race?
@Thorend and @NotanotherKangaskhan