Clumsy Spike in PoGo


Has anyone else noticed in both anniversary pictures spike (if that’s his name) is acting really clumsy. Both are posted below, what are your thoughts?


Just noticed and cool switch


Thanks :slight_smile:


Every team leader is acting like the people in their team too. XD.
Instinct is scared and clumsy (no offense to anyone)
Mystic is studying
And valor is just there for the ride


Nah man, Instinct is just depicted as the inferior team, but in reality, Instinct is the best one out here.




Im in school




Spark is like Neville Longbottom, Blanche is like Luna Lovegood and Candela is like Halle Berry (if she went to Hogwarts in Gryffindor House).


What does that even mean lol


@alex9945 you didn’t read Harry Potter books or watch Harry Potter films?


I did both but out those characters, I only know Luna


Neville is the clumsy boy who is in Gryffindor House with Harry.
Halle Berry is a famous actress :joy:


No, I haven’t


Then you missed a lot. What will you do when Harry Potter: Wizards unite gets released? Better start reading/watching. :mage::zap::eyeglasses: