Chickorita CD Discussion



Meganium is my favorite Johto Pokémon.


Then have fun :wink:


I think they messed up while making this, it doesnt look good at all, the in game preview. Also, Meganium will have no use with frenzy plant, Typhlosion will have no use with Blast Burn, but I will use a Feriligator with Hydro Cannon.


No starter will really get too good until Primarina tbh
Sucks we didnt get Beldum, but I guess its fair


Next month after this I would assume it would be beldum, ralts, or machop. But I am not that sure…


Didn’t we have a couple weeks of elevated machop spawning a year or so ago? Can we expect another machop feature event before others? But is there any pattern, rhyme, or reason for us to guess in advance which ones might get their turn with CD before others?


2nd for me


Yes, we had the battle event.


It does look pretty good :grin: Better than Typhlosion, at least. But I like how Feriligator looks more.


. It could be that it is fan-favorite, starter, strong, starter, fan favorite.


(disputed)starter Pikachu
10k dratini
Starter bulbasaur
10k mareep
Starter charmander
10k larvitar
Starter squirtle
(old)10k and (disputed)starter eevee
Starter chikorita

The pattern works.
Beldum/bagon/ralts likely to be next.


Pikachu is also a fan favorite


I’d be happy for any of these! :grin: