Changing the CP formula


The current formula(roughly) for calculating the CP for a pokemon is as follows
CP = MAX(10, FLOOR(Stamina^0.5 * Attack * Def^0.5 / 10))
I think that the current cp formula is too harmfull to pokemon with high defense and even high hp because they are both square rooted. This basically makes all the pokemon with high attacks have the greatest CP, meaning they can get into gyms higher.
I think they should modify the CP formula to allow for more defensive pokemon to trive and be placed higher in gyms

CP, IV or moveset?

which will get a blissey even higher in CP?


True it would do that, but that doesnt change the fact that she is already powerful and has a high cp and gets top spots in gyms. I feel like this change would allow for other not-currently meta pokemon to rise up because their low cp is holding them back


An example of my problem with the cp system is the difference in Latios’ cp and Latias’ cp. Latias’ stats are 228-268-160 (atk-def-stam) and Latios’ stats are 268-228-160, the main difference being that their atk and def stat are switched. Both of then have the same total points if you add their stats together, but Latios has a higher cp by 267 due to the way cp is calculated. This means Latios would sit higher in a gym even though Latias is the better defender. It doesnt make sense since it purposefully sabotages the gym defense system and the meta system.