Changes to egg pool?


Has anyone seen this information?


Paras, Natu, Wooper, Psyduck… good riddance, finally. I can deal with losing Sandshrew and Tentacool too, although they haven’t been too common for me. Less Pineco is definitely only for the better and I can understand less Dratini too even if that one makes things a little harder for me. Overall very good news for the most part if it’s all true.


Saw it. I’m just hoping it’s really true. I’ve been hatching hardly anything other than Paras, Tentacool, and Psyduck lately. Makes me just want to thrown out eggs entirely. -.-


Thanks for sharing this Skrapz!

Glad about the most.

Sandshrew is quite hard to find over here though.

Dratine, I can live with that because it’s one of the better Pokémon.


Have they changed the rate of 10k egg drops as well? I haven’t had one in a month. Seems like 80% 5k lately with a couple 2k sprinkled in. For a while there it seemed like they were fairly even, but since eggstravaganza 10ks were rare and now they’re practically non existent for me. 10k eggs are the only fun ones. They need to put 2nd gen starters back in 5k and at least put something worthwhile in 2ks

I am glad they’re removing some of the trash. I live in a water biome for the most part and a lot of these are very common for me. Sandshrew is rare for me, but that’s not a big deal. Less dratini tells me we may be waiting longer than we think for the gym reworks.


In the last two days playing I’ve also noticed that 5K and 2K eggs are dropping more frequently. I played for two hours today in a park I frequent and at a historical location I also frequent the other day. Poke stops that usually give me 10k eggs are now dropping 2k eggs. I’m saying this because the reason why I play at these two locations is because they drop 10k eggs more frequently than most places I’ve ever played.

Today while biking for two hours I got:
11 2K eggs
6 5K eggs
1 10K egg
Total: 18 eggs

I spun an area of 17 poke stops in a loop and the below is the order it gave me the 18 eggs.

4 2k and 1 5k
4 2k and 1 5k
3 5k and 2 2k
2 5k and 1 10k ( I got the 10k egg on the very last poke stop I spun while I was leaving) It better be a chancy!


10K hatched a Mantine. I sure wish they would take Mantine out of the 10K tier


I totally agree! My last two 10 km eggs hatched Mantines :frowning:


Me 2 just checked and have 345 candy for mantine after I brought a very high iv to over 1600 it handles itself in gyms ok but we all know it should not be in 10 k . The aerodayctls I keep getting are starting to be annoying cause I just want a good iv good move snorlax defense that is I have 4 lk hb but only a few znhb hb all low iv cp my best is a 93 iv with lk eqke and it’s a bad defender , I powered it up way before I knew about different moves were better than others it’s like 2989 cp so it’s kinda at the top it’s been in a gym for 7 months straight though I can’t figure it out please pok gods let me hatch a good snorlax no more lk hs please !!