Challenge someone


Hi @Cup

I believe we are great friends now, so you and I can battle, correct? Did anyone else from this group friend me?


Just trying to stay on thread. I’m in EST but usually with insomnia.


Ok I’ll be up all night today just let me know


I am awake


Can we battle


@cup battle at xx:00?


Ill be back here at xx:00


Someone wanna battle?


You still on


I wish there was a way we would pop up on the top of your phone you got a message from go hub


Sorry, I waited a bit, I how do you get ahold of each other?


Sorry I fell asleep.


Just on here or join the discord


The fun thing is that most comunications go through here. I downloaded the app and put it on the first page on my phone so it’s easy and quick to check for messages and outstanding challenges.


Which discorf? I belong to several


Hold on



@Haha51 that one


im up for some battles


My bad bro I fell asleep at work I’m ready if anyone is