Challenge someone


How wants a battle?


29 more days!


I am impatient. Takes too long. :yum:


All good things come to those who wait. @Cup and I have many good battles. @5GodLink has mopped the floor with me many times. @Pokemon doesn’t want to come out and play for some reason. I’m almost there with @Mew1 and @Jormdeworm.


I have rarely battles with others than @Brobraam & @Jormdeworm. I can battle @Pokemon. I have 8 friends with who I can battle. 3 are no longer active on the forum. 2 are not really active here. So for now there are just 3 people I can really battle.


I have over 140 Ultra Friends that I still gift regularly. That might be why you don’t get gifts from me often but you will still get them. I treat everyone equally. I have to decline fights quite often because I get challenges while driving.


Just got my butt kicked 3 straight times by @melat89


Battle? Just tell me when ur online


I can’t be on here much, but now is better


@bobbyjack8 @Pokemon @Jormdeworm @5GodLink @Mew1 battel


I’ve already done my battles for items today, but in a few minutes, I’ll be home and can battle for free.


Sure, now?


@Pokemon is busy at his other things nowadays, which is understandable


@cup, battle?


I’m online. Are you?


I can’t ever get @Pokemon to fight. I think the one time I did, he kicked my butt.


and @bobbyjack8 battle after @MrHeineken88


Send request


Waiting for you to accept challenge