Celebi TIPS to know


Thanks for the tip @5GodLink


Was it invisible like Mew?


I would assume not :stuck_out_tongue:


No but the circle is.


I just walked an Eevee 4 km but did not receive credit on the task. Do I need to be walking that specific Eevee they have me? I believe I just chose the largest one.


Walk it til you get a candy. + im sure you need to walk more than 4Km


You need to do 5 km to get a candy. You also need to do 10 km to complete task. It also still needs to your buddy when you evolve it. I ended up walking my Umbreon 14 km because I couldn’t evolve it until nighttime.


I walked it 23 km, but it doesn’t matter, it do no harm


I’m still walking it right now because I don’t really have anything new to evolve until Gen 4 drops. And because it was a 100% I maxed out cost lots of candy and dust. Luckily I still got plenty of both.