Celebi TIPS to know


Prepare to incubate. 9 Eggs


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Thats going to take like 4 months for me


By the way, the best time to evolve to get Espeon/Umbreon is right after you walk your buddy Eevee for 10.1 km and get two Eevee candies, why RIGHT AFTER? It’s because after you evolve your buddy Eevee, the buddy (Espeon/Umbreon) distance is reset to 0. Say if you walk your buddy Eevee for 10.9 km and evolve it, you will lose the 0.9 km. kind of effort waste, it did happen to me.

@Mew1 created this, not me.


Thank you, @Pokemon


You have to actually be on the task before you earn any Eevee buddy candy or it won’t count. You could kind of start walking Espeon early but don’t get that first candy before completing prior stage. Umbreon is next stage, so will be doing entire 10km during that stage.


i found that out the hard way


Yes, indeed, to be safe, better do it During that stage


Ouch, that sucks. I was hoping to get that info out before anyone started Stage 4.


im on stage6


I tried to trick the game, walked Vaporeon, that was a no no. It is strict that it wants “eevee” not “eevee candy”


Well I’ll still be on Stage 2 until midnight, but I’ve got everything done for Stage 3 except eggs. I’ll just have to hatch as I go.


They definitely made this Quest much harder to breeze through like Mew was. What with all the consecutive day streaks and all. Also the buddy walking requirements. I’m sure Jirachi will be even more time consuming,


Tell me about it. They really making us wait. Kinda weird since i doubt the Go Festers had to do this stuff. Guess you get what you pay for huh


I think the unown task was hard, along with catching all the pokemon of the different types, but very doable, at least for @Thorend :wink:


They had sections with the pokemon tho. Alot of unown everywhere :man_shrugging:t5:most i believe did it in 1 day.


Yep, and others could get it after do to the increased spawns.


The Go Festers got a simple quest designed to be completed in 1 day, I’m glad we got a more complicated quest. Gives me something to do.


Ya, those go fest tasks were designed to be doable in one day


No circle on celebi when catching. It’s a free throw.