Celebi TIPS to know


Want to get Celebi as soon as possible?

Here are some tips.

Put Eevee as your buddy, you’ll need to evolve for Espeon, and Umbreon.

Sun stones are available from tasks for sunkern.

Save your evolution items for evolving those special pokemon that need evolution items.

Hopefully more TIPS will pop up.
Good luck.


Shiny Sunkern, Natu and Pineco are now live, and yiu get Pineco for evolving 3 Natu or Sunkern, so dont throw those quests away!


@Pokemon, make sure you read @Necrozmadabest post before evolving your shiny Natu since you need candy for evolving your Pineco to Fortress.


Also, do not transfer those special pokemon that need evolution items before completing the stage that requires evolving


I stocked up Metal coat for my sycther and onix


I will wait to evolve until I hit that stage before evolving evolution-item required pokemon.


Been preparing since i caught Mew. :smiling_imp::man_shrugging:t5:


You are experienced and well prepared/planned.


:smiling_imp: could evolve two magikarp or swablu also


Yup, I have candies prepared for them and Wailmer too, but it seems not require such big task.


Save the Swablu and Wailmer candy for Jirachi quest.


Yeah, unlike Gyarados, no need to power up Altaria or Wailord, candies saved.


Him too.


Make sure you have more than one 2nd stage grass Pokemon ready to evolve. Also you need enough candy to evolve more than one Pokemon that requires a Sun Stone. Just remember you are in a time warp during this quest and you might have to repeat some tasks.


I legit only had 1 grass pokemon that i could do that stage two task. L o L, then again…i didnt look really hard at my pokes


I know some people that got Mew on the 3rd or 4th day. Not so on this quest. Some tasks will require performing a certain action 3 days in a row just to advance to next task. This quest may take some time to complete.


THANKS YOU ARE THE BEST (btw my name has no italic over the e so you can’t mention me that way)


Do the quest “Catch 5 Water Types” and you will get Seadra, the evolved form of horsea. It evolves into Kingdra.


Luckily the area I live is a grass type area, I see plenty of sunkern, oddish, bulbasuar, chichorita and treecko, so the grass type quests shouldn’t be that hard


You are very welcome. About your name, no wonder I don’t see the gray background on your name when I mention it.