Celebi quest....pretty disappointing? (No spoilers)



I am, most catches i do are with pokeballs


I’ve been there, @Ruraldisaster


Been to Ilkley @SnivyStar? Where abouts do u live?


@SnivyStar you could IM him a location (not exact of course :smiley:)


I dont think that a quest “trade a pokemon” is fair at all, because I play solo and I will probably never have a chance on doing that. Yes, there are other quests, such as battle in a raid, but those still can be done solo. This is not a well designed quest in my opinion :confused:


Yeah, if you play solo, and get stuck in stage, you kind of need to “beg” for others to trade with you. The thing is most likely you are not friend with him/her at first, both of you need to spend a certain amount (like good friend level) of stardust for you to pass that stage.


I’m on the fourth step and it does seem that they put next to no effort into it so far. “Catch a Pokémon three days in a row”… one per day? I think it’s impossible to go a whole day without catching anything.

The fact that the quest rewards you with “necessary” things (a Sun Stone, two Eevees etc) for the next steps makes it even easier. There’s loads of wild Eevees around, why do we get them as prizes?

At least the Mew quest was challenging. Even if things like scoring an excellent curveball throw, finding a Ditto and catching ten Ghosts grinded our gears, they were still challenging and worthwhile. Then there were other things that depended on the player’s skill, eg I had more than enough Magikarp candies handy.


The quests are designed for a brand new player. They give you exactly what you need to complete the quest. The only thing it costs is time. Which is exactly the whole point of the quest. You act like you want to finish it in like 2 days or something. Then what? Wait another 6 months for Jarachi? Just enjoy the quest and know you will get Celebi in a week or two. I’m still working on hatching 9 eggs,knowing I have to start walking 2 Eevees for 20 km. And you know what? I don’t care. It gives me a purpose to play the game as I normally would play anyway.


Well said @bobbyjack8


I just can’t stand entitled complaining on a free to play mobile game. It makes no sense to me.


I still have 7 more eggs to hatch. Nia stretches the celebi quest on purpose.


I got 2 eggs left to hatch. Then I got 2 Eevees to walk. I can do all that at work the next 4 days.


hey guys, how about we look at the bright side of this…

I personally like the way NIA forced people to get social and make ‘friends’ and in doing that, peeps around the world are helping each other, making friends, sending each other gifts, etc. and in some parts actually playing together. (I recently met the guy that I battled daily to hold our local gym).

Folk are coming to this website for tips and help and inclusion as we all work toward the common goal - of catching a fairly weak Mon that we can’t use in normal battles. but hey, it is all good and it really is all fun.

I for one am having a good time and can’t wait until the next Special Research mission.



I agree, it’s good, but for some who are under 13 or rural, it can be hard to do a raid or make new friends.