Celebi quest....pretty disappointing? (No spoilers)



Ok so I just ready through the go hub article which shows the quests for the whole celebs quest line as found by chrales and honestly I’m disappointed. The quest just seem quit easy and if anything are just going to take time but no a lot of effort really. I know with the mew quest people completed it super quick and that’s clearly why niantic have added these requirements but they’ve made it way too basic. Now I feel there’s no challenge to getting celebi and likely most people will have it with a week or so. maybe it’s just me but I thought the mew quest was good but wanted a bit more of a challenge this time round (yes even catching ditto). It always makes me happy to see even now people posting in chat about getting mew but I feel like this isn’t going to be as rewarding and more just a day by day grind to finish it. What do u guys think? Am I being too harsh or does it all seem a bit too easy for u guys too?

(Also living in the UK having it released right as raids end has been cerry frustrating but that’s just unlucky!)


Considering that I will be stuck on stage one for months makes it so I would assume it isnt easy. Also, the rewards are already awesome, with balls, super incubators, tms and more. Also, a new pokemon for the dex. I focus on positives.


Balls? Who would be happy with more Pokéballs


Me. So I can catch more without being worried.


How were u stuck for that long on stage 1? It was like the most basic functions of the game? Spin catch transfer? And i guys it’s just I feel like getting a mythical should be worked for and I want the quest to motivate playing and make me do things differently from normal play


It is: battle in a raid. With the rarity of gyms and raids where I live, this will take me forever.


Ahh apologies I thought u were talking about the mew quest, my confusion for not reading right. And th I agree on that, anything to do with raids sucks for rural players and maybe could have been given an alternative but past that most can be done fairly easily I imagine.


Im not really rural, just an insane lack of gyms, only one gym thats 45 minutes from home.


I will be stuck on stage one for literally ages. No raids in my area and all the gyms are always my colour


I feel like now people are sort of missing my point… ok so you don’t live near gyms/dont have a lot of raids but that probably means you struggle with most aspects game… The point was that for the vast majority of the player base the is some real simple stuff.


Also if you have gyms you must get raids some time? Even if you don’t win all you have to do is battle once…


I won’t even be able to raid until Wednesday, so I’m kind of stuck.


Lets hope ur at the gym at the right time when a tier 1,2, or 3 raid is happening


A game that requires real world interaction cannot be fair to every player in the whole world. Remember one of the 8 stages for Mew need 10 raids completed, that would be a daunting task for player without gyms/raids nearby and need at least 10 days to complete if using free raid pass.

And the Magikarp and Ditto one, players are caught off guarded.


It is me because lowest raid here is a two which was this morning, I got up five mins before it ended!! At 5am the next few have been lvl 4s and 19000+ on them. And the trouble is that one person is never going to do that.


@ruraldisaster being in the lobby (not winning) will count so if you find a raid it will work.


I LL do that tomorrow, but thought next stage is win a raid, it seems like I LL just have to go city shopping tomorrow and get see what turns up there, but found a gym in local village where there was this lol



It was 4 gyms same road and across like they done it as they drive by to work but ones off the beaten track was empty so now got 11 gyms :blush::blush:


Wow! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: