Celebi 6/8 reset


When I did that catch 3 Pokemon, I caught first one when I unlocked stage. Then 2nd one as soon as it turned midnight. Then 3rd on midnight next day. Completed in about 29 hours.


For me, when I unlocked it it counted. Every day it hasnt counted, since.


That sounds like the problem people are having on the 7 day Pokestop task.


Yes :+1:


I did the very first day, but it registered 3rd day too, failed on 4th and thats why it makes no sense, but I wont settle with such reply from support, tz switching isnt really against ToS and you basically gain nothing out of it, however if they are trying to patch it that would make sense that new bugs are in the game because its not something you try to fix because thats how it supose to be


Really having moral dillema if I should spend any more money or just become F2P. I know it would hurt my play style more than their pocket, but as a loyal and long time pogo player I feel lack of support and neglectance from niantic towards their vets. And here is the reason. I have L11 baby account to help me with my coins and although I used it just for couple occassions and never spend any money on it I keep receiving emails from niantic with bonus codes trying to lure it back. My main account on the other hand never received anything but google play bills… so without hesitation I can say "F :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: K niantic!


Well, thats sad. If this is about your Celebi, the longer you wait to get it, the less you will have to wait for the next mythical.


I’m on 2nd day of 7 day in a row stop. I’ll let you know if I make it to 3.


I dont want to sound rude but thats really not the case, I got my mew in first 2 days, buddied it straight away, so waiting 5 extra days to get my celebi means I lose on 60-80km which is 3-4 candies. Plus I have tons of things to do until next special research


So you cheated…


How is it cheating?


I’m good on day 3 now.


Niantic does the bonus to anyone who hasn’t logged on in 2-3 months+ and on top of that Ios users cant use codes, androids can tho. Niantic working backwards.

Celebi a timetraveler, and their mad people time traveler. Lol, go work on trading and pvp. This should be last thing on their mind. celebi already been caught in 6! days it’s gameover.


Timezone changing is not cheating. Dont let these younger trainers put that in your head.

For example:

Celebi drops( your in canada)
2nd day (canada)

YOU go on vacation ( IT IS SUMMER)
YOU play while on plane
YOU get first 2 days in Canada
you travel to anywhere in the world with + timezone

Now you land. You get 3rd day before, the 3rd day in canada. Possibly even on 4th day.

If Niantic didnt want this to happen. Simply make server sided time. Everyone uses 24 hour clock. They do this in other games so you cant timezone switch.

Stop complaining that you didnt think of this idea. I been tz switching since 2017 for 100 coins a day, and to get my coins early. It is strategy for anyone who has a busy life.

They shouldnt be reseting yall tasks. that is working backwards. Majority of the victims arent even timezone switching.

How do you praise niantic who target the wrong people. PLUS they cant take celebi away from anyone.

My solution:

keep emailing niantic
report it as a problem
i personally have had Tz problems on field research, i emailed, they fixed it. Well i fixed it by staying in the ahead timezone. Now my timezones are fixed. :slight_smile:


What makes it cheating is the intention, and that you can give it painting of a reallife moving doesn’t take away this intention.


So let them mess the game up for you legit players, who should of had Celebi on wednesday. Makes sense


Again, I dont feel like I need to prove my point anymore, but just once more

I think I could use a break once in a while.
Plus even task reward stacking is not supported practice by niantic but you wouldnt consider it cheating now would you?


cheating is by the eye of the trainer.

Most these people have two accounts and say their not cheating. I toss it like a stone and the ripples will affect what it effects.

Tz changing is only messing up “after” the fact anyone who did it already got it. Anyone being effected now didnt even do it.

:man_facepalming:t4: anyways i cant help. @Kingstony if you email at different times, some times the person who answers gets changed.

If the tasks still dont get corrected, try going to a tz ahead of yours and staying their till all tasks are completed. I stayed in + timezone for 10 days almost. Only yesterday did i come back to present time.

Guess what i get 3 free raid passes for doing this and i used 0 lmao ya tz trolling but it’s whatever. (added this for L’s and O’s)


So I already gave up, and got my celebi too. Feels like quitting the game really or at least put less effort in motyvating myself to play full time. My celebi is identical to my mew which is 10/14/15 and both goes to CP3015. Conspiracy theories and trust issues taking most of my time now


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