Celebi 6/8 reset


So yesterday my day 4 spin didnt register and today in the morning been reset to day 1. Sent email to niantic support nearly 10h ago, still no reply. Im fuming to say the least


@Jormdeworm thanks for moving my post to where it belongs :+1:


No problem @Kingstony.


You what???


I already had enough of Susan, get me the manager of this circus :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Lucky you, I am completely STUCK on Part 2 due to how every day, the pokemon meter never goes up. Do I have to catch the same pokemon three days in a row? :thinking:


Still nothing, really getting annoyed now because Im most certain that I know how it all will end up. Im not a big whale, Im not F2P either, the amount Ive spent in last 2 years for some might be huge, for some not so, however it is enough to buy cheap 2nd hand car about 10 years old. But even though I feel like Im not getting my money’s worth back I never asked to treat me different from F2P. I just want them to pull their sh… together.

P.s. Im already disappointed how lame celebi tasks are and such experience isnt helping at all


Same. For the “Catch three pokemon in a row” task, did you have to catch the same pokemon every day for three days?


For me no, after I caught my first catch of the day, the meter advanced, different mons each day for me


No, I cannot tell you what pokemon it were as I cant remember but it most certainly were different pokemon


Lucky you… I feel like I would be close or done by now… (to the 7 pokestop thing)


I’m still on the egg stage. Since Johto event ended, you may try to catch a common mon like geodude or rhyhorn as first catch of the day and repeat two more tries the following two days


I dont consider myself lucky as Im stuck in nearly same boat atm, today was meant to be day 6 and if I would have switched time zones Id have celebi in next 12h…


@Pokemon, @Kingstony is stuck at a more advanced stage than you and me, @5GodLink comments?


whats the question


How do you email Niantic :joy:


he already emailed support there is no other email i know of


You should see the purple line shoot across your screen as you count each part of task. For example, when I gave out 20 presents, I’d see that line counting up on each time I sent a present. When I sent the 20th present, it was orange.


:sweat: I dont, Ive been stuck on catch three pokemon in a row for 5 days :sweat_smile:


Were you changing your Time Zone on your device to do multiples in the one day @Kingstony ?